Meet Nebula.
The brand has yet again surprised us with a new collection inspired by the one and only galaxy we truly are ourselves.
Nebula has been deeply influenced by the multifaceted development of techno culture, and how people integrate that into their wardrobe. Nebula is a scientific term for infinite energy nursing new stars with the galactic power to last millions of light year travels. Just like a humankind is an endless vital spirit cultivating all of its superpowers that make it invincible. The collection introduces a brand new versatile pattern iconic to Nebula, in addition to the very new expertly crafted model items and the classic forms mastered by Zhilyova.
The key items of the line are mesh bodysuits, lingerie sets, swimwear pieces, and silk items for both men and women. The new collection swimwear is aimed towards sustainability by being made out of recycled materials with the use of sustainable packaging as well. The photoshoot for the Nebula collection mirrors the brand’s perspective to accept and develop self, practice self-love, always move forward and never look back. Same way nebulae birth new stars, individuals nurse their strengths and superpowers.
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